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文章简介:床已经成了电影和电视剧中不可缺少的道具,床上戏也顺理成章地成为剧中必备的一道“特色菜”。随着观众品味的不断提高,除了俊男美女和大床之外,醉人的音乐、浪漫的红烛和芬芳的香槟作为床的陪衬品也是不可缺少的。 【Laura Jacobs】,年轻、漂亮,作为一位女明星,网友们都非常喜欢她,她参演过许多电影电视作品,那么她到底有没有床戏呢?小编为整理收集了她的一些基本信息,包括年龄、身高、体重、婚烟等等,Laura Jacobs Biography Showing all 5 items Jump to: Overview (3) | M。

  Laura Jacobs
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  Date of Birth 1 July 1987, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada


  Birth Name Laura Pearlman
  Height 5' 9" (1.75 m)
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  Laura Jacobs is an actress and classical opera singer originally from Canada. Born in the heart of the prairies, in her teen years she moved to Vancouver, British Columbia where her passion for acting started. She began her training young and was in a prestigious high school theatre company performing as the lead in 2 productions per year.


  She attended McGill University with a degree in classical theatre studies and psychology. She was an internationally represented fashion model and worked all over the world, primarily she had much success in Asia. In 2010, she moved back to North America to start her professional acting career. She has had a great start in the business and has some notable performances in "Percy Jackson and the Olympians", and "Daydream Nation". Laura has a comedic side, and also loves working with the "Funny or Die" team.
  She continues to train with top teachers and is constantly fine tuning her craft. Audiences will see a different side of Laura next year when her lead roles in the "Muck" Trilogy films premiere, as well as a handful of other projects.
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